Career orientation


The content of the StepTogether V. – career orientation for migrant youth (EIA/2013/1.1.1.) project is based on the current education policy program, the LLG for primary and secondary schools, and international scientific literature of career development. However, the content elements meet the criteria of the National Core Curriculum and the frame curricula as well. The approach of the materials is language-driven, because the main aim of them is to develop L2 Hungarian competencies.

This learning aid contains five different thematic volumes in one folder: Self-awareness and career planning, Labour market communication, and Jobs and occupations I–III. They show the relationship between the world of learning and the world of work through the topics, while present the importance of virtue and communication in the labour market, the training structure of the jobs, and features of chosen professions.











Self-awareness and Career Planning
The first one, Self-awareness and Career Planning is divided into three chapters. In the first chapter, the tasks organized around the key concepts of the world of self, adolescence, and sport. The next chapter is about social self-awareness which goal is to aware students that humans are living in a diverse society as social beings. The last chapter is called Career planning, which is based on the key competences of the EU, and Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory. The tasks help students to recognize their strength and talent needed to be successful in the world of jobs.

Labour Market Communication
Next, the Labour Market Communication consists of two main chapters. The first chapter is called the Basic concepts of labour market, and it contains three subsections. The first is called From the market to the labour market, the second is Work, workplace, working hours, work contract, and the third is Job and career. These subsections introduce the academic lexical elements related to the labour market; also present the job search process. The second chapter is the Written and oral communication in the Labour Market, which includes how-to for creating written documents needed for admission or job interview.

Jobs and Occupations
The three volumes of Jobs and Occupations present three different levels of the available training and further education opportunities. The first volume focuses on jobs and occupations available after primary school. The second volume presents skilled jobs with the criteria of secondary school leaving certificate. The last volume provides insight into the various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs of the higher education.

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